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After houses and planets, how about the signs? Firstly a few things to note about signs. (I) There are 3 types of signs by Flexibility- Movable, Fixed & Dual.
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The Dual Signs are:

Calculate your Ascendant or Lagna Below: This option will not work correctly. Unfortunately, your browser does not support Inline Frames To Book a Session: Email me for availability at: deanna deannashires. Childhood, physical body, character, appearance, temperament, vitality, fame. The 5th House: Children, heart-mind wisdom, Universal intelligence , love affairs, entertainment.

2019 Predictions for all 12 Signs

So here the aggressive energy of Mars will take the form of passive aggresive! If they learn to control their internal energy, can be constructive and pentrating like no other giving them deep charisma and control of their senses. So here goes the list again for rulership of signs.

Have at it. Go ahead and try thinking about signs from planets and sign nature from what you know by now. After some time in part II, I will post the significations of the signs. But it should now start to be logical and intuitive both, not just cramming up rules. Also, is there an equivalent concept for planets one house after their exaltation or debiliation?

One should expect that one house after their exaltation they still carry some good qualities. Very good article.


The Concept of Badhakesh

Some people say that Scorpio lagna is inauspicious. When you say fixed signs,is it advisable to use a fixed Lagna such as Scorpio with Jupiter in it for marriage?

Aspects of Signs

Please explain how to determine pada kish obstacle planet and which house will be effected. Thank you. Not aware of that definition. Technicall badhakesh is more appropriate in context of some astrological scriptures. It involves the lord of 11th for movable signs, lord of 9th for fixed signs and lord of 7th for dual signs.

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Characteristics of the Rashi or signs in Astrology – Vaidika Samhita

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If You are looking for a Reading.. Tropical Generic Predictions Case Studies. As mentioned earlier in another post Signs according to their nature can be divided into 3 types. Movable, fixed and dual. According to the rules given in the Brahat Parashara Hora Shastra all Signs aspect, the Sign falling opposite to them and also those falling on both sides of them. So movable Signs have their aspects on fifth, eighth and eleventh from them, fixed ones on the third, sixth and ninth from them and dual ones on the 4th,7th and 10th from them.